We design buildings with character. Buildings that tell the story of the surroundings. That serve their surroundings and give rather than take. We consistently seek to strike a balance between human beings and their living environment, and that is reflected in our projects. Whether it be a new apartment building, a renovation project, an office building, a bridge, a museum or a temporary pavilion: our designs are surprising and imbued with meaning, pragmatic and enriched with storytelling.

Characterful buildings and a good programme alone are not enough for us. We are ambitious and keen to add something more to our projects – by collaborating with specialists from other sectors and by allowing architecture to be an innovative discipline. What’s more, we are fascinated by ‘unrevealed gifts’, as we term them: interesting buildings or complex sites just waiting for the right, relevant approach. They are in safe hands with V8.

Our clients call us inventive; a nice compliment. The fact is that we try to get the most out of our projects, through intensive collaboration in an open dialogue. And that calls for courage on the part of all involved. Stimulate, look beyond the norm, spot opportunities, forsake the beaten track and provide solutions that are frequently unexpected but always fit-for-purpose. That is our strength – and it gives rise to shared pride and intelligible buildings.