Expansion of KPN head office completed

The expansion of KPN’s head office in Rotterdam has been completed. With V8’s design for a new publicly accessible plinth and the renovation of the tower, the building fundamentally strengthens the entrance of the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam.

Given the port character of the pier, the expansion has been designed as a publicly accessible glass ‘terminal’, with which the tower is transparently anchored. The façade flirts with the existing pylon, the glass folds and curves around the pylon and follows the tilt of the element. The steel construction and the monolith finished concrete in the structural work are at the same time finishing elements that reinforce the robust appearance of the extension. To emphasize the use of steel, V8 has assembled the image-defining columns from steel sheets. The visible weld seams and different structure of the columns ensure that the somewhat rough character of a building in a former harbor area can also be experienced from close by.

The design of V8 architects is carefully related to the original architecture of architect Renzo Piano. The Italian architect was consulted to do justice to the initial intentions of the building. The design was received positively by him. The new plinth ensures the still missing, inviting entrance of the Wilhelminapier, which is known for its high-rise buildings and architectural highlights. What was considered eighteen years ago has now been realized.

Interior specials
In the building, all comfort and technology now meet the current requirements. The interior concept that V8 proposed focuses on the new way of working. Within this, V8 has designed certain specials; the central reception desk and the library, fully materialized in European oak. The design of the lighting fixtures is also designed by V8. The realization of the project took a year.

Sustainable qualities
With the decision of KPN for a new multi-year stay and the ambitious expansion plan of building owner RealIS, responsibility has been taken to contribute to a sustainable transition of the existing stock of office buildings in the Netherlands. In addition, the expansion has been designed flexibly to easily respond to changing wishes and requirements in the future. This ensures the future-proofness of the building. The green pixel illumination has been updated to energy-efficient, dimmable and full color LED pixels on the outer façade. For the facade of the plinth, special triple glazing has been used everywhere, which ensures an energy-efficient building. The building has been awarded a BREEAM In Use ‘Very Good’ certificate for completion.

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