KOER wins tender competition Parkstad Rotterdam

‘KOER’ has been selected by the municipality of Rotterdam as the winning proposal for the development of the site between Laan op Zuid and Hilledijk, called Parkstad Block I. Together with developer VORM, Studio Architectuur MAKEN and LOLA Landscape Architects, V8 Architects has designed a landmark on Laan op Zuid. A distinctive building block with a strong identity. Construction is expected to start in the first half of 2022.

Inclusive residential building with Rotterdam character
KOER is a new, recognizable piece of Rotterdam on the Laan op Zuid and is characterized by a wide variety of rental and owner-occupied housing, lots of green and nature inclusiveness. In KOER 167 households will live together in small, manageable clusters. Residents will have facilities such as a mobility hub, a language school and home offices, all within easy reach. The lobby where various activities take place throughout the day, a striking “marathon balcony” where residents can cheer on runners, a park and a collective chore area called Villa Residu complete the inclusive living environment.

Scale from city to home
KOER profiles itself on different scales. Each edge of the block has its own characteristic, dictated by the context. This varies from urban (Laan op Zuid), through neighborhood (Katadreuffestraat and Stroomkoningstraat) to park (Hilledijk and Dijkpark). The design is a metropolitan building block in which housing is clustered. Each cluster has a shared entrance, a collective bicycle storage and is readable as a unity both on the outside and the garden side. The clusters together form a larger whole around the collective courtyard garden. The architecture of KOER establishes a relationship with the Afrikaanderwijk and the Laan op Zuid: associative, contemporary and referring to the immediate environment. The use of color and material brings unity, with diversity in detail and composition.

Circular comfortable homes
KOER was designed with the idea of limiting energy and material use, but without making any concessions regarding the comfort and health of the residents. For example, KOER has a flexible load bearing structure made of concrete and wood that makes future adaptations easy. Villa Residu – as the name implies – is built entirely from recycled materials. The balance between these hard aspects and soft aspects such as comfort, health, greenery and biodiversity has been carefully made at all scale levels. KOER brings back the disappeared biotope from the time that the place was still a marshalling yard on its roofs. In addition, it offers a piece of urban nature in the inner garden and contains a specially designed element that facilitates nesting facilities for all kinds of animals.

Development of Tweebos neighborhood
The project is part of the development Tweebos neighborhood and Parkstad, which forms the connection between the Afrikaanderwijk and the Kop van Zuid. The Tweebos neighborhood is one of the important projects in the National Programme Rotterdam South. More information: www.vorm.nl/koer.

Visuals ©Vivid-Vision