Nieuw Hoboken | Rotterdam

A subtle blend of old and new
Nieuw Hoboken, a 1974 office building designed by the well-known Rotterdam architect Herman Bakker, deserves better. It is still a decidedly no-nonsense ‘Seventies’ building, but it is no longer appropriate to this time or this site. An imperforate ground floor elevation and a monofunctional office building in a residential area prompted the new owner to contemplate redevelopment. To make the transformation possible, extra volume was meticulously added within the zoning plan. The new volume relates in subtle fashion to the existing volume, partly by referring to and amplifying it, for example in plasticity and colour, partly by disassociating itself in terms of material and texture.

Light and air
It was decided to retain the original elevation as far as possible, and with it the character of the building. At ground level the imperforate facade was removed and replaced by glazing. The new, open facade contains several entrances and residential functions which greatly improves the quality of the public space on Rochussenstraat. The building’s new residential function will reduce the demand for parking, providing an ideal opportunity to turn some of the existing parking arrangements into a thoughtfully laid out courtyard garden for the residents.

Project details
commission: conversion office building to apartments | location: Rochussenstraat Rotterdam | client: Era Capital | structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek | acoustics and building consultant: DGMR | fire safety consultant: DGMR | program: apartments | floor area: 5.500 m² | design: 2018 | completion: 2019