Rijk van Rodenrijs | Berkel en Rodenrijs

On the Rodenrijseweg in Berkel you will find “De Klokkenwoning”, a monumental farm dating from 1852 that owes its name to the bell on the drawbridge, one of the few drawbridges that Berkel still has. Developer Praagstones BV has a special plan to restore the now dilapidated monumental farmhouse, and to realize extra houses on the property while preserving its historical character.

Lodging yard in farm typology
It’s up to V8 to find an ingenious solution. The result is a residential area based on the farm typology. The yard consists of an ensemble of three volumes that originate from the main spatial form of the monumental farm and its location: the monumental farm, 9 semi-detached houses and a multifunctional service building that serves as a garage, barn, waste storage and where the sustainable installations are located.

The difference in height of 2.5 metres on the plot offers great potential in terms of privacy and light in the houses. The houses are in the lee in several respects. Cars are parked in the service building, out of sight of the living environment. The houses and private gardens are also located behind this first ‘stable’, which is an extension of the monumental farm. Instead of a formal front garden, the courtyard has a common street in the private sphere. Around the existing farm, the profiles remain intimate with relatively low gutters, while the façades to the south, at the level of the private gardens, are getting higher and lighter.

Small scale and social cohesion
Special about the plan are the coherence and the small scale. These are not only reflected in the design through the right relationships between ‘neighbourhood’ and ‘privacy’, but especially in the social cohesion between the residents. The small scale and the awareness of collectivity guarantees the preservation of the inheritance character.

Project data
commission: 9 houses in new farmyard setting | location: Rodenrijseweg Berkel | client: Praagstones BV | structural engineer: Zonneveld | fire safety consultant: DGMR | building services consultant: HORI | contractor: Uijttewaal | floor area: 2.020 m² | design: 2016 | completion: 2020 | photos: Aiste Rakauskaite Photography