villa FDR | Halsteren

When a request for a building permit for a house comes in, he’s keen to look at it. With more than average interest he looks for the idea behind the plans, the reason why people want to build. That people should want to move to something bigger, smaller or simply different needs no explanation. But building your own home is a bit different. You don’t do that without good reason. Sometimes there are a few surprises. Designs that completely bowl him over. That demand courage. They’re the most interesting. Like the application for the construction of a villa with a thatched roof on the edge of a nature reserve. The word ‘thatched’ conjures an image of just another farmhouse. But when he looks at the drawings and sketches he realizes that something unique is going on here. And it becomes clear why these people want to build for themselves. Why he’ll do it, too, some day. Because the result is a house you’ve never seen before. And that you want to keep looking at.

The plans to build a house begin with leafing through various catalogues for standard houses. Easy, practical, quick. But also thirteen to the dozen. Having realized that you might build your own home only once in your life, you decide to embark on the design adventure. Off-the-peg is swapped for haute couture. For bespoke work in which personality, spatial quality and setting are exploited to the full.

Project details
commission: construction of a new villa | location: Halsteren Brabant | client: private | structural engineer: Buro Civiel | contractor: De Kort BV | floor area: 240 m² | design: 2014 | completion: 2015 | photography: Joseph Briaire