Villa | Bonaire

The design of this villa on the island of Bonaire is a sustainable combination of views and privacy. By orienting the villa on a green patio and creating a half enclosed courtyard, a beautiful central space is created that is also climatically the heart of the villa. This solution provides a comfortable indoor climate without being dependent on air conditioning. The patio in combination with the prevailing wind direction of the passage provides sufficient ventilation and cooling.

Inside and outside spaces blend seamlessly with each other and the sun sets the interior in a Caribbean palette. The bedrooms with bathrooms are located in a separate wing on one side of the patio and the living areas are in the opposite wing. Between these two wings the entrance and the swimming pool ensure the further framing of the green oasis in the patio.

A structural grid of pigmented concrete, louvres of untreated wood and a roof of ceramic tiles provide a timeless appearance. The strong distinct recognisability of these three elements, make the villa a reinterpretation of local building principles and create an oasis of calm.

commission: design villa | location: Sabal Palm, Bonaire | client: private | structural engineer: Buro Civiel | program: family holiday home with pool | floor area: 400 m² | design: 2017 | particularities: designed as passive house, cooling and ventilation by natural methods