Redevelopment Verto Arnhem started

V8 Architects today announced that the redevelopment of Verto Arnhem has started. With the completed selection of contractor Plegt-Vos, Verto Arnhem is one step closer to its realization. In the design of V8 Architects, the temporary municipal office built in 1960 is replaced by a sustainable residential building. By 2020, the historic city center of Arnhem will be enriched with a special building. The renovation work has already started.

Reconstruction 2.0
The original building was designed by J.J. Konijnenburg, a former student of architect Gerrit Rietveld, and was built in 1960 to serve as a temporary municipal office. It was then used for years as a craft workshop and studio, now it is being redeveloped into a residential building. The existing building stands out because of its no-nonsense appearance, but does little to make the city center attractive. That was the challenge for V8 Architects: to preserve the DNA of the building and of the southern city center as post-war reconstruction and to design a ‘second’ post-war reconstruction that would provide a quality impulse for Arnhem.

Functional clarity
In the design of V8 the original design principles form the starting point. The characteristic, functional clarity of the existing building is retained. Its strong horizontal windows associate with the modernist reconstruction character of the city center. The balconies form the ‘ornament’ and add a residential character.

The construction of the existing building is made of steel and varies from large steel trusses on the ground floor to sophisticated steel dividers on the floors. In order to comply with this consistent way of constructing, the new construction is also entirely made of steel.

At the request of the client, the residential building was designed with an omni floorplan. This anticipates to the development of the immediate surroundings into an attractive residential area. In order to ensure the alignment of the height of the building with the streetscape, V8 added two floors. Verto Arnhem is being redeveloped to BENG standards by means of various sustainable solutions. Solar panels will be installed on the entire roof and triple glazing will be used everywhere. In addition, the building has a heat recovery system and is connected to the district heating system. A screen will be hung in the hall to show the residents the energy yields of the building.

Verto Arnhem will have 58 private sector apartments. Completion of the project is expected in 2020.

More information about the project can be found here.