Verto Arnhem reaches highest point

The highest point has been reached in the construction of Verto in Arnhem. Even without a grand celebration an important milestone that brings the completion of the residential building one step closer.

Verto is the redevelopment of a former town hall into 58 apartments and commercial spaces. In the design the original design principles form the starting point. The characteristic, functional clarity of the existing building is retained. Its strong horizontal windows associate with the modernist reconstruction character of the city center. The balconies form the ‘ornament’ and add a residential character.

The construction of the existing building is made of steel and varies from large steel trusses on the ground floor to sophisticated steel dividers on the floors. In order to comply with this consistent way of constructing, the new construction is also entirely made of steel.

Construction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

Read more about the project here.