work in progress rijk van rodenrijs

The ‘Rijk van Rodenrijs’ project is currently under construction. The main structures of the renewed monumental farmhouse, nine semi- detached houses and a multifunctional service building are becoming more and more visible.

During the restoration of the monumental farm, unfortunately the building turned out to be in a very bad condition so it could not be restored completely. All parts, up to the last stone, have been kept in order to reuse them in the renewed farm and to preserve as much of the historical character as possible. In the design every detail has been carefully considered. For instance even the top of the ridge has the same height as the original monument.

Rijk van Rodenrijs is a residential area based on the farm typology. The yard consists of an ensemble of three volumes that arise from the spatial main form of the monumental farm and its location: the monumental farm, nine semi-detached houses and a multifunctional service building.

More information about the project can be found here